To stop entry of unwanted pest birds in the industrial areas, it is now necessary to install bird netting for security purpose. Bird netting is highly recommended to protect your property from bird droppings.

The way that an ever increasing number of pigeons show up in urban areas consistently is obnoxious for nearly everybody. Pigeon droppings ruin the look of rooftops, galleries, landmarks, parks and open spaces.

Other then the appearance problem, they can erode materials and are perilous by microscopic organisms and parasites contain. Called “rats of the air” are progressively irritating and no one enjoys that they cross his way.

Birds are a standout amongst the most disastrous bugs for Residence, industries, warehouses, factories, and industries. Their droppings and sicknesses caused by them are one of the fundamental explanations behind contamination of goods and destruction of costly equipment and storage areas.

So we disclose to you distinctive strategies for pigeon control to enable you to ward off them from your gallery

The Variety of Pigeon Control Methods

Bird Netting:

Netting act as a strong physical barrier that easily excludes birds from areas like canopies, eaves, as well as gardens. Netting prevents birds from roosting and nesting for longer periods and keeps desired locations safe and protect from birds prying peaks.

Bird netting for industries is permanent, economical as well as the most effective method for birds prevention. Thebirdbarrier has the innovative and unique technologies and fully trained professionals team of members for installation of bird netting.

Shock Tracks:

Shock tracks is an easy method to keep pigeons or any other flying creatures away from the desired area. They might sound like a cruel option, but let me tell you it’s not at all harmful for birds. They produce extremely mild shock when any birds come in contact with it. Highly effective yet not harmful for birds and keeps birds away from any desired area.

Shock tracks can be easily nailed, laid or glued on any type of surface like rooflines, beams, eaves, parapet walls, and ledges.

Bird Spikes:

Bird spikes are also one of the best ways to stop birds coming in No landing zones. They easily create an anti-nesting, anti-roosting as well as an anti-perching zone where even the stubborn flying creatures cannot venture.

Bird spikes are made specially by considering the safety of birds. Usually, they used on small surfaces like signage, security cameras, ledges, parapet walls, above light posts and windows.

Electric barriers:

This is one the effective yet harmless pigeon control method for keeping unwanted birds far from your surrounding. This method will not harm any types of birds. It will move them onto a better environment. It comes in different types of materials, however, stainless steel wires are most used and have high durability.

A professionally designed and installed electric bird barriers. It can last for more than 20 years before refurbishing is essential on the connecting wires with PVC coating.

Sound Device:

Sound devices bird repellers are best for surroundings where silence is preferred. Ideas for semi-enclosed and enclosed areas. Sound devices are extremely effective in keeping birds/pigeons away from desired areas. Birds are not harmed by sound devices. However, they do feel quite a pressure due to the high frequency of the sound waves which cause them discomfort in that area.

Bird gel:

Bird gel helps in preventing the colonization of all types of birds like sparrows, pigeons, starlings, etc. it is not at all harmful for birds as the gel contains no poison, so it will not do any damage to birds. Bird Gel is insoluble water repellent as well as immiscible and is waterproof to surfaces.


This bird control method is a perfect way to chase away birds. It is best for keeping pest birds away from your area without sound. The laser gives intensive red and green flashes that automatically drive away pest birds from accessible areas. This is one of the most cost-effective bird control methods for indoor & outdoor applications.

Why is bird netting the best bird control method?

Bird netting can be beneficial a lot for your industry. If you are tired of the flock of birds constantly popping on your property, taking over your building roof tarnish it with there droppings. Then, of course, its time to look for the best bird control method. Bird netting service comes with tons of benefits when it comes to choosing the best and the effective bird control method.

Low Prices-

Bird Netting is not only cost-effective but also it’s a humane method to keep pigeons and other pest birds away from your property. Once you install bird netting, at that place no bird can ever be allowed to enter.

Easy Installation –

It can be installed in sensitive environments too like around airports, industries. Birds not only cause trouble with there droppings but also they cause a lot of interference so this should be controlled anyway. Do not install on a windy day, as the process of installation can be hard then it could be.

Low maintenance –

Bird netting is generally modest and requires almost no support. This is a decent solution to keep birds off your office and property and diminish occurrences of bird to human contact. The simple and strong structure of the bird nets makes it extremely simple to install and modest to maintain. You don’t have to put a hole in your pocket again and again once you get bird nets fitted.

Economical –

Bird netting is an economical bird control method. This makes is best then other bird control products. These nets are made in a way to protect spaces and buildings from damages caused by birds and pests.

Convertible and flexible –

Despite holding the sturdy structure the bird nets are exceedingly flexible. It can be easily extended to long distances, and thus are best to protect and cover large farms, ponds, and industrial premises. Additionally, its length, mesh size, as well as color, can be changed on request.

Their are so many ways to use the bird netting service relying on the type of bird and where they are nesting and roosting.

Bird Net used in Eaves

Birds frequently assemble settles in eaves. To prevent them from doing this, bird netting can be hung at a 45-degree edge over the eave. Utilizing the ¼” to ½” work size will shut out most eave-settling irritation birds. You will need netting that keeps running from the external edge of the rooftop to the side of the building.

The bird net can be introduced utilizing a staple weapon, snare or tape. The netting should be firmly attracted to shield the birds from working their way through any hole in the netting.

Fruit trees

To ensure little fruit trees, the bird net can be fixed to the base of the tree to keep birds from being tangled in the netting. For the legitimate establishment, the boundary of the tree should be estimated. Then, the netting would be able to be cut one additional foot around. The net would then be able to be secured to the tree utilizing bird netting hardware, zip ties, hoard rings or even twine. Packs can be bought that have bird netting hardware, for example, hoard rings and different frill and instruments particular to introducing bird netting.

Other Garden Plants

Other garden plants, for example, berry hedges, vegetable gardens and even grape vines can be ensured utilizing a bird net. Space needs to stay between the net and plants with a specific end goal to shield the birds from roosting on the netting and adhering there mouths through to get to the abundance.

A powerful technique is to suspend the netting over the whole territory. To do this, a progression of shafts can be planted around the edge of the whole garden region that you need to be shielded from the pest birds.

The netting is then associated with the shafts. Make sure to leave space to move the netting higher up the post as the plants develop. Their should be somewhere around a four-inch space between the netting and the plants.

Why bird netting useful for Industries?

Birds do stop and delay works as they get entangled in industrial machinery and make regular cleaning and repairs necessary. They deface finished products, equipment, expensive floors, and machinery.

Pest birds are known to eat leftover food, spillage, and make industrial premises a nesting and roosting place permanently.

These bird problems end up the loss of man-days because more workers have to be deputed to clean the defaced areas on regular basis, which results in huge loss of financial and productivity loss.

Pigeon and other pest bird droppings are acidic in nature, this it is not hygienic and makes industry floors slippery and dangerous. Birds droppings are not good as they contain some acids that are not good for the health of people. It can cause diseases to workers, clients in the premises.

So, bird netting help in maintaining the hygiene by keeping pest birds away from your industrial premises

Bird droppings in industrial premises do not let a clean and healthy environment to workers, visitors as well as clients. Installing bird netting in your industrial premises keep your industry premises clean and healthy for your workers.

Thebirdbarrier offers high-quality industrial bird netting solutions. Our solutions are highly matched with global standards. We aim to provide a healthy, clean and happy atmosphere for your clients and coworkers at your premises. Installing bird net is one of the most strong and effective methods to stop bird menace.