Do you provide end to end bird netting services?

Yes, we provide a comprehensive range of services which includes free consultation, inspection and installation of our products along with prompt after sales services as well.

What material nets and spikes are used for bird netting?

We offer HDPE net and nylon net installation as an effective solution. These nets are water, weather proof and are highly durable. We use stainless steel spikes that do not corrode or rust over the time.

Is Bird netting and Pigeon spikes installation a durable solution?

Yes, our Bird netting and Bird spikes are the same solutions which are used worldwide currently. They do provide a permanent, cost-effective and most successful solution.

How do we reach out to you for bird netting services?

You could simply give us a call on our given number or drop us a mail with your queries.

Can we install the net or spikes ourselves?

Anti-Bird net installation and Bird spikes installation calls for skilled technicians and professionals who have good experience in it.

Does bird netting block our balcony and window view?

Keeping in mind the aesthetics of your balcony or window we provide translucent bird nets that are unnoticeable and that which allows 100% passage of light and fresh air.

Are your services area specific?

Our effective bird netting services are catered to clients across India.

Are your services area specific?

Our effective bird netting services are catered to clients across India.

How are your services priced?

We provide cost effective window netting services or rather bird netting services.

Do the spikes and net harm birds in any way?

Products that we offer are safe and the most human way of deterring birds from nesting and roosting.

Can the birds cut the net with their beak or affected by rains?

No. Our HDPE and Nylon material nets are strong enough to be cut by a bird’s beak. Further, they are water resistant and is hence unaffected by rains.

Do you provide warranty?

We provide 3 years warranty for the durability of the nets and spikes

Do you have the experience in installing bird nets and spikes?

We are bird net dealers having years of experience in this industry.

What are the colour options for netting?

Generally, our nets come in Black, Green and Transparent colour.

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