Residential Bird Netting

Bird netting for buildings, offices, and industries are important now as with the passing days a lot of pigeons or other birds can create hazardous health-related problems by their feces including cryptococcosis, histoplasmosis, and psittacosis. Bird droppings around balcony, pipes, terrace create an unhygienic environment for the people living in the house. Birds like pigeons fly around the house sit in food, which can be very unhealthy. Pigeon dropping may also cause loss to equipment and property.


Bird Control Service In Pune has a harmless and effective solution for bird problem. We offer residential bird control services simple, cost-effective and environmentally friendly. Residential bird netting service can resolve massive issues of residents, building owners, health conscious, farmers as well.


Bird Control Service In Pune offer for both commercial and residential properties. We use high-quality Net in white and black color. Our Bird net is UV resistant, economical and not harmful for any flying creatures. They even did not get a break under rigid climatic conditions. Our bird nets can be used for in all types of weather conditions.
Bird net is made up of simple materials and also the making process is easy. It’s very lightweight, flexible and has low visibility which means it can be applied to any shape and structure. We use the high-quality net so that it cannot get broken easily.



Why choose us?

  • Good strength
  • Reasonable rate
  • Durability
  • 3 years warranty
  • Economical
  • Perfect finish
  • Allows 100% ventilation, light, and air.
  • Low maintenance and installation cost
  • Waterproof and Corrosion Resistance

Our services Include:

Balcony netting



Our bird netting service in Pune is popularly known for protection several localities and societies from birds. We also offer anti bird products. They are easy to use and clean and need no maintenance.  We offer residences with spikes as well as nets.

Pigeon netting for balconies

Pigeons droppings are source of numerous diseases as it contains fungi and bacteria which are harmful to humans. That they cause Histoplasmosis, food poisoning and allergy to the patients suffering from asthma. Our Pigeon netting for balconies in pune is very popular as our balcony nets are made up of stainless steel wire and also gives a beautiful appearance to your balcony. Now if you are asking for pigeon net for balcony near me, we are the best choice.

Residential Bird Netting


Residential bird netting service is highly needed in residential areas and offer so many anti bird product to the same  problem. Our bird netting service is highly demandable in the city of pune. As our service do not harm the birds or any other flying creature.

Society bird Netting



Society bird netting nets are made in a creative ways in order to provide the strong and safe protection to the society households, the birds as well. Our society bird netting service is extremely easy to maintain and is very durable.

Window & Duct Nets

We offer wide range of window and duct nets. Our products are made using allied material and durable nets.

Bird netting good in all ways. It’ is very long lasting. Bird netting is not simple to apply to society as compared to commercial. Because it is usually done in the pine area where lots of pigeons found. Residential bird control is very essential and useful so that it protects not only the society but birds too.

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