Birds are beautiful such as peacock and kingfisher but did you know apart from their beauty they can be extremely dangerous for human beings. Birds like seagulls, pigeons, can quite cover your garden or home with filthy droppings. And their droppings stick the place up however also carry toxic chemicals dangerous bacteria and spores.


More than 50 known transmittable diseases that include viral influenza, Viral pneumonia, salmonella, are transmitted by common rural and urban birds. The bacteria found in the droppings and waste spread by various species of birds develop a hazardous health risk especially to those living in near proximity to them.

One of the most dangerous pests is pigeons. They make the air you breathe polluted and toxic with spores and bacteria. According to doctors, pigeon dropping loses their feathers and also the dust when they shake their feathers is the main reason for spreading disease like asthma.

These birds also carry E.coli as well as their droppings which cause flu, fever, coughing, chest pain, which can also lead to major pulmonary disorder. Various birds build the nest which obstructs drain pipes and vents.

Pigeon mesh is used widely like a fledgling rejection gadget to protect both farming yields and structures. Pigeon netting for balcony establishment usually seen in urban communities, and towns.

Pigeon netting is important as these birds create health-related problems by their droppings, include psittacosis, cryptococcosis, and histoplasmosis. They can also cause damage to your equipment, steal from fruit and crops as well. TheBirdBaririer netting service has the best and harmless solution for pest bird control.

We made bird netting service simple, cost-effective as well as environment-friendly. Balcony netting services anti bird pigeon at TheBirdBarrier solve the huge problem of residents, building owners, and farmers.


Bird netting installation can sometimes be a little difficult job, there are so many variables when trying to know how many feet and what size of bird spikes you will require.pigeon spikes are slightly expensive but it’s worth the buy.

But remember that it is very important to buy the right size of bird net. Not to worry if you are not sure what size or type of bird netting you want, our qualified installer will help you to give you guidelines.

The initial step our expert team will take is to first clean the entire balcony of your structure that is filled with pigeon droppings. They carry spores and bacteria which cause chronic diseases and are acidic. After the cleaning procedure, our technicians will offer professional installation of all anchors which are supported by a strong adhesive. Once the structure gets installed, then they will go ahead and combine small cables and ties it with anchors.

You can get bird netting in different mesh sizes to control birds pest without trapping or hurting them. For snakker birds like starlings and sparrows, small mesh sizes are available. And for larger birds such as seagulls and pigeons, large size mesh recommended.

Our nettings are U.V stabilized rot-proof as well as flame resistant. If you want heavy-duty bird netting, they are also available at TheBirdbarrier and are made from high strength polyethylene.

Types of pigeon netting

Extruded netting

This type of pigeon netting is made up of a versatile polymer, and black polypropylene. It’s light in weight and UV protected. When it comes to buying this type of net for bird protection look for the mesh size. As the size of the net depends on the area covered by your yard. This type of net is best for one who has a big farm.


This type of pigeon net is created from a high-density polyethylene monofilament. This makes it the best and the most used option for strong security from winged creatures. It’s more durable and stronger than the extruded netting. It’s best for heavy duty and is flame resistant. Thus, it will effectively protect your garden and yard from birds landing in your farm. This netting option is very useful for commercial farms.

Industrial strength

Beyond the knitted, extruded as well as knotted types, you can also opt to buy industrial net setting. These are made up of a 6 monofoliants and polyethylene’s rot-proof and provides UV stabilization and flame resistant.

Think about your rose garden, farm or the life that live around it. Consider the weight, thickness shading as well as the type of material that will be best for your rose garden, grapes garden etc.

Benefits of Bird Netting:

Winged creatures are one of the major issues of the agricultural production in the nation. Not just do feathered birds introduce on crops, they can even demolish your yard, garden, the parking area, and school’s play area and many more areas where they exist.

There are so many products that can assist you with your problem. There are several pesticides and other machines available in the market that can be utilized to prevent pest birds. However, there are also several good birds that do not cause any damage. And might assist to pollinate your garden and crops or also control smaller pests like bugs.

Therefore what is the safest and the best way to control the increasing population of bad birds without troubling the population of good birds? The answer is Bird Netting.

Health issues

Various studies have shown that birds can give serious illness when droppings get in contact with human’s skin. For example, pigeons droppings contain infectious diseases. Their droppings could give flu, tuberculosis, Lyme-Disease, paratyphoid, Encephalitis, Toxoplasmosis. Bird netting makes sure that pigeons could not put a single cause to any person’s health.

Protecting Plantation

It has been observed that most of the winged creatures peck on your vegetables, fruits, as well as plants as they know that all these are food items. You can protect your vegetables, plantation with the help of bird netting your plants and fruits safely fenced away birds beaks.

Save The Birds

The major benefit offered by bird netting is that it is environmentally friendly. Making utilization of bird netting not only protect your property but also does not harm any birds. You are just covering up the area with a net so that bird can stay away.

It is not like methods that are not safe for birds, bird netting does not harm any flying creature. Aroma and pesticides repellents kill the birds. Additionally, there are few laws about the harming of birds such as blackbirds and robins, Using bird netting, you are law-abiding

  • Pigeon netting is versatile
  • Covers Large spaces like plantations and building parks.
  • Covers Small spaces such as rose garden or backyard
  • Covers Agricultural plants and farms
  • Attractive and wide variety of pigeon netting products are protected
  • A single netting can be utilized for more than 10 years
  • Variety of colors
  • Different types of materials available

Easy to use

The bird netting is very simple to use and install. Bird netting could be applied over vegetables, natural products as well as tree crops. There are so many benefits and the reason that can grab the attention of plant specialist to use the antibird nets on their gardens and crops. The bird net is tough and it protects your garden, crops from pigeon and other bird attacks.


Considering the amount of the damage that birds can bring to gardens crops introducing netting services is the best decision. Usually, garden workers prefer this to decrease the cost of all contribution so that you can make more use and benefit of this netting system. This is one of the best ideal ways to ensure vegetable fruits and other are protected flying creatures.

Lightweight and high elasticity

The net has so many remarkable features and benefits that make it usable and best.

Despite that it can also be reused, it has an awesome rigidity and light in weight. The adaptability, application, and light weight make it more demanding for the establishment.


Why choose us?

Professional Services

If you look out for the bird netting services that includes pigeon netting, spikes, pest control etc. You will find a wide range of services available in your area to assist you to stay secure from all the damage caused by birds to your agricultural land and homes. Our professional will visit your area and analyze the type of security you want in your location.

No matter you are searching for anti-net services for your house, garden, commercial apartment, the professional services will have it covered.


There are so many methods to protect your place from the damage that is caused due to flying creatures, however, such ways may harm the birds. So, it is better to choose the method which does not harm the birds but also protect your premises like Pigeon netting.

Balcony netting services anti bird pigeon is one of the best and the most affordable method to repel birds around your area.