Bird spikes are a tool used to drive away birds from sitting in your premises. These tools are designed with long, pointed spikes which are installed in the base. These spikes make the surface hard and unpleasant for the birds to land on to or sit on, preventing them from roosting. These are very common, effective and human way of bird proofing. They are considered to be the most inexpensive and unharmful way of controlling bird problems in the area. Bird spikes are used in private and public buildings, commonly on ledges, air conditioners, windowsills, sills, pipes, poles, lights, parapets aerials, leading edges of roofs, statues, beams etc. This deters birds from settling in the area and in turn prevents the hassle of bird droppings which are acidic and causes permanent damage to stone and painted metals or even causes spread of diseases. Our high-quality bird spike installations are the safest way of getting rid of birds and preventing hassle in the vicinity.

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