Invisible Grill

We make significant investments in providing the best Invisible grill for balcony in Pune

Invisible Grill is a cutting-edge grill system that protects your family, especially children, while not detracting from the overall appearance of your home. It is made of high-quality stainless steel cable that has been coated with a nanotechnology membrane for added wear and tear resistance. It is anti-rust and anti-dust, and it does not require routine maintenance.


Our company’s professionals create Invisible grill for balcony out of weatherproof, long-lasting materials. These are available in the market following a thorough quality inspection.


Bird Barrier is a leading provider of invisible balcony grill for balconies in India. We offer the most affordable invisible balcony grills. The benefit of an invisible security grill on the balcony is that you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the city while remaining safe. Invisible bars protect your home from theft as well. The grill is barely visible from the street. You can keep your home’s style and design without sacrificing bird protection. The invisible safety grill is also ideal for pet-friendly households.


The balcony’s high invisible vertical grill can improve your appearance both inside and out, has a long service life, and a high load capacity.


We provide high-quality, high-strength, and high-weight-capacity products for all applications. It is used to keep undesirable situations from occurring in buildings or apartments. Where an unexpected fall from a balcony or stairwell puts people’s lives in danger. People are no longer afraid to stay in tall buildings or on stairs because of invisible grills.


Invisible Grills are a permanent and risk-free solution for bird control.

Provide no impediment or distraction.

Give the impression of a larger-looking space.

Not as prone to rusting and corrosion.

They’re tougher than they appear.

A variety of installation options are available to meet your specific requirements.


In Pune, we offer invisible grills for windows and invisible balcony grills. We use the best material and manufacture the invisible grill with the greatest precision. The invisible grill not only secures your balcony but also aids in bird control. Invisible grills are weatherproof, harmless to birds, simple to maintain and clean, and flexible enough to be customized to our customers’ needs.


Our service is economical and cost-effective. We have hundreds of satisfied customers.

Invisible Grills Specifications-

Stainless Steel Wire Rope Wire Diameters: 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm

Nylon coated wire rope with Teflon coating, smooth

Application/Usage – Balconies and windows

Vertical and horizontal design Water absorption zero Moisture content zero Material grade SS 304

Position – Outside

Feature – Rust Resistance

Powder-coated channels and nylon-coated wire ropes are examples of surface treatments

Furthermore, our professionals have the experience that has allowed them to provide the best transparent grill for balcony service possible. At our vendor’s cutting-edge processing facility, we design our products using only high-quality components. These products are in high demand due to their precise size, fine finishing, high performance, and long service life.


These Invisible Grills can be installed on balconies, window invisible grille, staircases, and railings to provide a seamless outside view while also ensuring the safety of your loved ones, particularly children. We can also integrate the stainless steel invisible grill with an alarm system, which will increase your security against intruders.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential Bird Netting is one of our most important services. This Pune bird netting service is well-known for protecting many societies and communities from birds.

Do you offer complete end-to-end solutions for Bird problems?

Yes, we assist you in providing services ranging from a free site inspection to installation and removable invisible grille and prompt after-sales service.

Are installing a bird net and pigeon spikes a long-term solution?

Yes, our Bird netting and Bird spikes are the same solutions that are currently used around the world. They do provide a long-term, cost-effective, and highly effective solution.

Can we do our own installations?

You can, but installing anti-bird netting and bird spikes requires skilled training, which our professional technicians provide, so please allow us to do so. We have separate teams for residential and industrial pigeon netting.

What about your product’s quality?

For example, the nets we use are manufactured under strict 6 sigma compliances, are completely weatherproof, rot proof, UV stabilized, and chemically inert. Our nets have a breaking strength per yarn of 23.08 kg and a melting point of 260 degrees Celsius. This is why we can confidently offer our clients a three-year warranty.

Is the cost of your services, reasonable?

Yes, we provide an affordable invisible window grill, invisible grille for cats, legate invisible grille, mspace invisible grill and openable invisible grille. We provide a three-year warranty.

About us

The Bird Barrier is a reliable and well-known bird control service provider, mspace invisible grille, invisible balcony safety grill design, invisible safety grill for balcony, invisible grille sliding door, in Pune that provides excellent value for money. There are different categories of invisible grills like ss invisible grill, bifold invisible grille, invisys grille. We offer specialized invisible grill for windows and balcony invisible grill installation services to assist you in eliminating the threat posed by birds such as pigeons without harming or killing them. You can contact to know more about the cost of invisible grill.

How Problematic Birds Can Get?

Birds can be found in every location. These miniature creatures are stunning in every way. However, they can also cause major issues in your daily activities. Birds live in various parts of your buildings, and you will frequently be irritated by birds laying eggs or building nests in AC ventilators, pipes, or ducts. Crows and pigeons are the most common birds that can cause such an issue. To avoid these issues use harga invisible grill or gaaradha for invisible grill window and also for Balcony. If you are searching for invisible grill near me then The Bird Barrier in Pune is here and not only Pune but you will find the best invisible grill Delhi as well. The Bird Barrier is a reliable and well-known bird control service provider in Pune that provides excellent value for money. We offer specialized bird net and bird spike installation services to assist you in eliminating the threat posed by birds such as pigeons without harming or killing them. We have been serving clients as a professional bird net dealer for many years, providing the best possible solution for bird problems. We supply invisible grille window and invisible grill door from the best invisible grill manufacturer.

Reason of Choosing us:

The Bird Barrier is now actively involved in the provision of a comprehensive range of invisible grill safety installation in Pune and cities throughout India. We have excellent grill invisible solutions that ensure every bird is safely driven out of your premises. With years of experience, we can now proudly say that we are a formidable player in the industry, providing professional, safe, and cost-effective industrial and residential bird netting solutions. For driving away birds, our trained staff and technicians use the safest techniques and equipment. There are different invisible grille balcony cost, invisible grille cost, invisible window grill price as well as the invisible grill design.

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