About us

The Bird barrier is a trusted and the most reputed bird control service provider in Pune offering value for money services. We provide special bird net installation and bird spike installation services to help you get rid of this menace caused by birds like pigeons without hurting or killing them. We have for years been catering to client’s as a professional bird net dealer, providing client’s best possible solution for bird problems.

We are today actively involved in supplying a comprehensive range of Bird Netting installation in Pune and cities across India. We have excellent bird netting solutions that ensures every bird is driven out of your premises without being hurt. With years of experience we can today proudly claim to be a formidable player in the industry, providing professional, safe and affordable industrial and residential bird netting solution. Our trained staff and technicians use the safest technique and equipment for driving away birds.

So, if you are experiencing bird problem with pigeons roosting and dirtying your property you can contact us for assistance. We can visit your home or office or even industry and accordingly assist you with our fabulous services. At The Bird Barrier we shall assist you in all aspects of bird control, be it selecting the right product in terms of pigeon netting or bird spike installation or assistance with pigeon netting installation.

We cater our window netting services and balcony bird netting services on a PAN India basis. With our cost effective, safe and durable approach we guarantee you a long-lasting solution for bird problems for residential, commercial and industrial premises. Adhering to strict enforcement of company guidelines and government regulations, we ensure not to break any law or hurt any bird and offer a completely safe solution.

Get bird proofing done right, With “The Bird Barriers” at your site.


We have dedicated call centres that makes it easy for customers to reach out to us.

We have always adopted a client centric approach for our bird netting services.

We provide prompt services to our customers no matter what their requirement is.

We have the capability of catering to even large product applications.

We offer our customers pigeon netting services at Industry leading prices.

We offer high quality bird nets and bird spikes that are long lasting durable and most importantly convenient to use and install.

Being highly durable our products facilitate easy quick and hassle-free installation and maintenance.

Get bird proofing done right, With “The Bird Barriers” at your site.